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Do you want to discover all the wonders hidden in the oceans ?   

Meet Nemo, Dory and all his friends, and keep an unforgettable memory ?

Discover Scuba Diver Course (PADI DSD) is made for you and will turn your dreams into reality ...   

You will live an extraordinary experience: we will go for two dives on magnificent sites to discover a multitude of tropical fishes and magnificent coral reefs.   

On the fist dive, we will do some small training exercises , so that you can enjoy this amazing underwater journey.   

You will feel like a fish in the water and enjoy the magical and exceptional moment !

Angelot Diving - Koh Samui Thailande
Angelot Diving - Koh Samui Thailande

Do not hesitate any longer, during your holidays !

Come and try scuba diving

You will Love it !

Angelot Diving - Koh Samui Thailande
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