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Let's start with a small language course ...


First for you ladies: "Sawadee Kha," is how to say hello in Thai. For men: "Sawadee Khap".

To be even more pro, practice also the WAI!

This is the traditional way of greeting and saying thanks in Thailand.

The basic gesture is to join the two palms of hands in front of chest, fingers extended, by sketching a slight bending of the torso or head.

To say thank you, "Kop Khun Kha" for women and "Kop Khoun Khap" for gentlemen.

You already know the two most important words in Thai!

I'd be happy during your stay to help you discover more words of this language.


The Land of Smile ...


Thailand gets its nickname "land of smile" of the welcome its inhabitants reserve to tourists. The local people are known to be very cheerful in all circumstances. So bring your best smile, Thai people and we love it too!


Your trip...


Remember to book in advance your tickets. Koh Samui Airport is called USM, it is about 8km from Angelot Villa.

For a stay of 7 nights or more, we offer airport-villa transfer.

For shorter stays, the transfer can be arranged upon request at a price of 600 baht.

The airport also has a shared bus service.


The Thai Baht ...


Get used to pay in cash.

There are many distributors on the island, but be careful with the limits for withdrawal and fees for use of credit cards.

The best is to come with cash and change on arrival, we can recommend you the exchange offices.

Making changes to the airport is not the most interesting.


Transportation ...


The ideal situation of Angelot Villa will allow you to fully explore the island.

There are many private taxis, shared taxis (like the bus ; it goes around the island), motorcycle taxis ...

We also propose a rental service for scooter directly to the villa, on request, and if you have a driving license !!


Meals ...


The island has an impressive number of restaurants of all specialties to suit all budgets, you can discover the delicious Thai cuisine or enjoy an Italian pizza.

We will advise our favorite restaurants.

Guests can also prepare meals directly into the kitchen for guests, equipped with a microwave, toaster, induction hob and all necessary utensils and a barbecue.

The nearest supermarket is 600 meters from the villa and you will find many markets and food shops during your island tours.

We offer with a supplement a delicious breakfast as at home during your stay.

What to do on the island ...


A multitude of things !!! temples, beautiful landscapes, heavenly beaches, relaxing massages, shopping, the "walking street", the discovery of the island in scooter, 4 * 4 , quad, polaris..., visiting neighboring islands, the rum distillery ...  And not forgetting diving with Rémy for beginners and confirmed.

You will spend unforgettable holidays!

Find our little travel guide: Having the Thai-attitude, for a successful holiday in Thailand, which will be offered to you when you book at Angelot Villa.

The guide is available on Apple Store, Google Play or click on the book below and send us an e-mail!


Sorry for the moment, our travel guide is only available in French !

Guide Avoir la Thaï-attitude pour des vacances reussies en Thaïlande
Plonger avec le requin baleine
Aimer Koh Samui
Plonger avec une tortue
La cuisine royale Thaï
Le Mango Sticky Rice
Le sanctuaire des Éléphants
La plage de Chaweng Noi
Le temple blanc de Chaweng
Les iles paradisiaques
Les iles paradisiaques
Les excursions à la journée
Big Buddha
Koh Tan
Wat Plai Laem
Les légendes
Les temples
Fisherman Village
Les massages
Les levés de soleil en direct d'Angelot Villa
Les couchers de soleil
La plage à 350m
Les temples chinois
Les déesses
Le paradis sur terre
Initiation plongée sous marine
Les dîners romantiques
Les songthaew
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